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Seriously Lazy Bidders Society

Seriously Lazy Bidders Society

How Does it Work ?

Effective 9/3/15

Seriously Lazy Bidder Society is a group of members that have been invited to participate in discount codes for bid packs and special offers ONLY available to members of the group.To start all members will be given a code to receive a deep discount on ALL bid pack sizes from 30 to 250. The code will have unlimited use for a 30 day period at which time you will receive an email as to when it will Expire and will have to request a new code. The code has to be used within the 30 day period to be considered for future 30 day renewal codes.

***Note***  The unlimited code last for 30 days, DONT use the code for any bid pack greater than 250, if the code is used for a bid pack purchase LARGER than 250 bids (Example  500 Super Pack or 1000 Ultra Pack) we will make the appropriate adjustment or debit of bids from your account.

If you would like to be considered as a member for the Seriously Lazy Bidder Society, please email us: