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What are your daily win limits? (TIPS)

Effective 11/15/15

In order to maintain a fair and even playing field, and to maintain our reputation as one of the most honest and ethical penny auction sites on the internet today, we have decided to implement daily win limits.  Our daily win limit will be 3 total auction wins in a 24 hour period, with a 80 auctions a day, we feel this is fair for all members and acceptable for all level of bidders.


  1. Our 3 win limits in a 24 hour period runs from 12:00am to 12:00am CST

  2. BID PACK auction Wins count towards your 3 daily win limit

  3. Good practice is to NOT set your Auto Bidder / LazyLoader with Bids for more than 3 auctions at a time because other members may bid against you in future auctions and if you win 3 auctions prior to the future auctions ending you will NOT be able to get those used Bids back and will NOT be able to Add bids to those auctions to try and win. A notification will appear stating you have reached your 3 Win limit for the day.

  4. Once you have WON 3 auctions for the day, if you have ANY bids loaded in your auto bidder for auctions remaining in that same 24 hour period PLEASE go into those auctions, go into your auto bidder and click the x next to the amount of bids you have loaded and this will release those bids and credit them back to your account.

  5. Weekly WIN Limit is 21 wins.